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To know about Molduras Hergon

Molduras Hergon is a company with more than 25 years of experience in processing wood,producing moldings, mirrors, framed prints and photo frames with a great variety of styles, designs and finishes. Our experience is recognised in the domestic and international markets as one of the highest quality picture frame manufacturers worldwide. Currently, we are also placed among the top manufacturing companies in Europe for innovation and design. This is due to our high quality finishing standards, together with our flexibility to produce high volume orders on short lead times. We also have a reputation for excellent customer service to each and every client.

Facilities Molduras Hergon


We have 30.000 m², dedicated exclusively to production, logistics and new product development. We have separated facilities for each production process: timber drying, automatic cutting together with milling and finishing of the moulding. This efficient utilization of space and resources, allows us to provide our clients in the Spanish and European markets, with an unrivalled level of service and delivery that the current market conditions demand. We offer a fast and efficient service, together with a large showroom where each customer will be able to see a great variety of products with different finishes and styles, receiving our help, Knowledge and advice at all time.

Quality and Environment

Mouldings Hergon SA has a commitment to quality and the environment in all its activities, both internal and external. This affects all members of the organization in their daily activity. The use of wood from sustainably managed and our commitment to purchase next, European or even local wood, has allowed us to obtain the PEFCTM and FSC® certified promoting the development of responsible practices in all lines of activity forests.
This allows us to perform a more customized product for our customers, this is a consequence of doing things with knowledge, common sense, rigor, order and responsibility. The waste generated in Molduras Hergon SA is classified, separated and controlled by type, place of generation, storage tank and fate.
The management system ISO 14001:2015 implemented in our company and good practice communicated to all staff, contribute to ecosystem conservation, promoting the recycling recovery or reuse of raw materials and proper waste management, to ensure the protection of the environment.
The integrated collection of hazardous waste and the proximity of the authorized agents decreases the fuel consumption.
We have management system ISO 9001: 2008 implemented and certified, quality is guaranteed in our products by checking the guidelines for quality control in every production process.

See our quality policy and environment

It is the policy of MOLDURAS HERGON, SA, to offer our Customers wood mouldings, pictures, mirrors and photo frames with a variety of styles, designs and colours according to the needs and market trends and the specific requirements of each Customer. Providing at all times friendly products with the environment and with the highest quality.

To do this, MOLDURAS HERGON , S.A. makes the following commitments:

  1. Define, implement and maintain management systems of quality and environmental standards based on UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE EN ISO 14001:2015, which ensure compliance with the Quality and Environment Manual . All this in order to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational performance and achievement of objectives.
  2. Provide the Company human and technical resources needed to ensure adequate quality and environmental management in all its activities and products according to the requirements.
  3. Create a work environment conducive to the promotion of quality within the company, training and motivating the staff regarding the quality and the environment, enabling professional and personal development of all its members.
  4. Ensure continuous revision of the System of Quality Management and Environment, through internal audits, to enable a critical review and facilitate the improvement, customer feedback and regular review by management.
  5. Identify and meet the requirements of the Customer, specified and unspecified, continuously seeking the satisfaction of our customers working in the prevention of non-conformities, anticipating the appearance of the same and always giving a quick, constructive response, positive and favorable for any damage caused to the Customer.
  6. Develop our employees those skills that enable efficiency and self-control in their activities.
  7. Achieving a high level of quality, in a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers and customers.
  8. Ensure that appropriate measures are taken to ensure the safety of people.
  9. Comply with the legal requirements of European regulations, state, regional and local as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes.
  10. Encourage reductions at source and recycling of materials.
  11. Comply with the requirements of PEFCTM Chain of Custody.
  12. Comply with the requirements of FSC® Chain of Custody.
  13. Comply with and promote the principles of the ethical code of Molduras Hergon SA

With the fulfillment of these commitments, MOLDURAS HERGON, SA ensuring the achievement for:

  • - Ensuring customer satisfaction and other stakeholders.
  • - Ensure employee satisfaction.
  • - Ensure economic efficiency.
  • - Ensure a high level of competitiveness in the market.

The necessary measures for ensuring that the Quality Management System and Environment:

  • - It is spread to all areas of the Company.
  • - It is understood.
  • - Is applied.
  • - It is revised and updated.

The General Managment declared mandatory requirements in the documentation which is the System Quality Management and Environment.

Distributors Molduras Hergon


If you are interested in purchasing any of our products, you can find them in many supermarkets and distributors in Europe.
To distribute our product you can contact us via email mhergon@moldurashergon.es or via contact form products.

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