The industrial style was born in the mid-50s in New York and did so in response to the need of the artists of the city to find new studies which continue to create. The big lofts that were hidden among the huge Yorkers buildings became the key to getting these bright and airy spaces required and since then, that need became a trend that gains adherents every day.

An almost total nudity of materials, pipework, exposed bricks and huge beams are some of the elements that characterize this style and there are few people who choose to rehabilitate old factories to turn them into their new home.


A factory converted into a home


industrial style


A clear example of this process of transformation is found in this old factory Parisian buttons that has been converted in a home of industrial style with many romantic overtones. To enhance the industrial origin of this space a decorating proposal has focused on materials such as brass, copper and wood almost untreated, which are present in lamps, shelves or furniture.

The total white is the key factor to get brightness and contrasts with the ground, grey cement is clearly industrial and result very evocative. Of course, the diaphanous home structure makes the expansion of natural light much easier and effective, despite the dark tone of the floor.


industrial style 2


Among the details the decoration key are on the furniture. Shelves, suspended cabinets, old framed prints and metal worktop are the basis on which recreate a style with great strength, where the materials are mixed in a simulated chaos that is, at the same time extremely simple.

In the other rooms, open shelves, frames and framed prints keep this industrial environment and at the same time the artistic contrasts with the coldness of the cement and metal but it isn’t result cold but quite the opposite. Small decorative wood and metal accessories help create that style and provide greater comfort to each stay.


industrial style 3


In definitive, although at first glance the industrial style display somewhat dark cold, it is easy to make a warm home if you achieve combine materials, styles and textures appropriately.