In recent times, there is a style that is standing out among the most used by decorators: minimalism; a style emerged in the New York of the 60s and that we should know the fundamental idea: the elimination of all superfluous and simplicity of its elements.

Minimalist decor
Photo by Lerkenfeldt


Do not confuse minimalism and modernism!

Minimalism, as current modern decor, has nothing to do with modernism. Sometimes we confuse the modern with the modernist and there is nothing wrong. Modernism used items in great detail, elegance and curves and asymmetrical shapes. Think in Gaudí ...He did something minimalist? No!

Minimalism seeks harmony and tranquillity. It is summit of the straight line and white. Flee abundance of decoration and stands out for its extreme simplicity. His paintings, for example, are simple and abstract; sometimes a single line or a spot without much colour. The space is most important. "Less is more": an absolutely correct slogan.


minimalist decor

Photo by Lerkenfeldt


Merges minimalism without fear

Minimalism is a style, that in its most purist side; it can be cold and unwelcoming. So it is not a bad idea to mix with other styles of decoration. Obviously, being the minimalism philosophy of sobriety and empty spaces, you should not mix it with an overloaded style as rococo or romantic, but may merge with oriental aesthetics or retro style to get harmonious and orderly with a strong personality spaces.

A good idea to merge styles is introduced into a minimalist space an object that stands out: a vintage oriental furniture or a lamp. In any case, minimalism can be accompanied by pictures of different trends to create an eclectic decor to everyone's taste: you can put a wooden frame retro or a pop art canvas to give it a different touch to your house minimalist.


minimalist decor

Photo by UltraLinx


Mixtures are an art in themselves. If you like minimalism, you can play and introduce elements of different styles without losing the spirit of the original clean and basic style. Because, the purity is sometimes a blend well done. You dare?