Pop art style decor is extended in the 60s of the last century that combines explosive colours with striking images of carefree manner. With this iconic big impression and spirit, pictures are part of the pop art culture intrinsically.


The importance of image in pop art

The pop style is primarily visual. The icons are part of this culture and if you want your house to look as it should, you have to get several essential pictures: Andy Warhol, Larry Rivers and Marcel Duchamp will give you the keys for a chic home like few others.


pop art pictures
Photo by Apartment Therapy


Pop art wanted to get out of the decorative standards of the time. Therefore, his paintings exalt everyday objects such as soda cans, bottles or machine and giving an artificial and impressive colour. Surely if I say "Campbells tomato" immediately springs to mind what I'm talking about.

And, in fact, the can of Campbells tomato and face of Marilyn Monroe are two of the icons most played by pop art.

Any of these images of Andy Warhol or anyone you can even create your own, combined with simple wooden frame in black, for example, will make your stay regress to the fever of 60.


pop art pictures
Photo by Decoholic et Apartment Therapy


A simple pop touch to your home is enough

Decorating a home following a certain style is not something mathematical or simple. You cannot place a lot of modern paintings and expect your house attracts attention without further ado. You must be careful not to overload it too and alternate frames or canvases with other elements of wood, painted boxes or a room divider. And, of course, mix white with bright colours like orange, green, yellow or purple.


pop art pictures
Photo by La factoría plástica et One Kings Lane

If you want to give a more shadowy or minimalist, you should integrate the elements pop art in open spaces where white and straight lines are the protagonists. On the contrary, if you prefer that your home acquires certain vintage air, add antique wooden furniture or a leather armchair.

Another way to give a pop effect without large outlays is placed on one wall of the room a very large image, divided into several canvases. It can be mounted frames as horizontal drawing pictures or any shape you can think of, and the result will also be shocking.


pop art pictures
Photo by Simple Blueprint y Amazing Interior Design


Pop art is a bold style, but with great effects. Do you dare to go back in time? Or do you prefer to stay with the new decorative styles?