Ethnicity is fashionable. It is showed at decorating magazines, in fashion shows and even menus from the best restaurants to realize this reality. Although the fashion set trends, it is clear that the traditional elements must be adapted to each moment and ethnic decoration has been integrated with other styles to create innovative fusions that can leave more than one with an open mouth.

One of such innovative fusions in decoration, it is to integrate ethnic elements in the Nordic decor to get a house full of life. Do you want to know how? Take note, we explain it to you!


ethnic decoration

Photo by Baoba Interiors and Bruno Tarsia 


Kenya: Ethnic tradition and stylish decor

Ethnic decor is basically to introduce traditional objects from other cultures as elements of your home decor. The taste for bringing to our home exotic elements from distant lands has been a regular occurrence since the early travels around the world.

Kenya is one of the most mysterious countries in Africa, and crafts offers many possibilities for our decor.

Wood is very important in the Kenyan homes. Furniture solid mahogany or teak, wicker baskets or box of sand with a dark wooden frame are some elements of traditional decor in Kenya. But we also have some more peculiar details such as hand-carved stools or cushions with beautiful draperies, which can give a warm air to a modern ambient. Mix with taste and you will get a home where the mixture of cultures acquires a unique sense!


Mix the Nordic and Ethnic

One trend that has carved a niche in the current decor is integrating ethnic elements in Nordic decoration. Better known as noretnic, we talk about it on our trip to Morocco from the hand of ethnic decoration. And it is that any ethnic style integrated into a Nordic decoration has place in this new decorative trend.


Noretnic style

Photo by Baoba Interios


The integration of ethical elements in a decoration rather bleak as the Nordic, will bring warmth and personality to your rooms.


noretnic style

Photo by  by Remodelaholic


To do this, you can use natural fabrics such as velvet, linen or cotton; or objects carved in wood as masks of Kenyans.

The pictures are also an essential element in the noretnic decoration. A few weeks ago, in our blog, we showed you how to bring you warmth to your Nordic stays through the pictures. A nice Kenyan ethnic tapestry, framed with a thick wooden moulding, incredibly contrasted with the white walls and Nordic style furniture to get a stylistic fusion of great significance.


frames ethnic decoration

Photo by and Alquimiadeco


The same can get a mahogany trunk or carved centre table. The key is included in a Nordic-style house a few ethnic elements, but shocking. Sometimes, just a single object changes completely a space.

And you, do you dare to mix styles? Are you able to merge such disparate environments as the Nordic and Ethnic?

ethnic decoration

Photo by Bruno Tarsia