The sea, the beach, the rays of sun illuminate your face ... Summer leaves us fresh connotations, relaxed atmosphere and nights without clock. Why not extend those feelings throughout the year? Now you can get it thanks to the navy or sailor style decor. The sailor style revolution has come to move your house to the shore of the sea.


Sailor Style

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Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic and reference of the Sailor Style

The sailor decor has its greatest exponent in the simple houses of fishermen in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. Light colours mixed with intense blue and striped fabrics, are the most significant elements of the city that the hotels and restaurants in the tourist area have adapted to the latest trends in decoration getting the sailor style look like something modern and chic.

In the traditional houses of the pearl of the Adriatic, it is normal to find anchors, ropes and other typical utensils of Sailor work. Taking it to the current trends, you can take a little Dubrovnik to your home using some wooden frames to frame sailor’s knots or coloured shells. Anything that remember the sea is welcome!


sailor style

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Details that are not missed in the Sailor decor

Of course, one of the fundamental aspects of the navy style is colour. If we are looking for an approach to the sea, what better than blue for our home? A room with natural light is the best way to start our maritime search where we can mix these blue tones with white. If you're a little more daring and you want to merge the coolness with a warm touch, you can try a few touches of red or yellow.


sailor style

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The Sailor decor is bold, but perhaps it not convinces you for the whole house. Why not try a room? Try combining these colours and add photo frames overlapping and contrasting striped cushions. Wood is another significant element of this style. You can use, for example, wooden mouldings in white or light colours to frame the pictures of your last vacation.


sailor style

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Of course, you must choose complements that combine with your new decor: a fishing net as a wallpaper on a wall give an original touch to your home. It can also look good a rudder, a barometer or a miniature boat. You must be careful with the abuse of complements: it is simply to add some details, without shrillness.


sailor style

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What do you think about the sailor style? Would you take to your home the sailor style of the Dubrovnik streets? Try and tell us!